Dari The Black Madonna Menjadi The Blessed Madonna

Marea Stamper atau dance floor dunia mengenalnya sebagai The Black Madonna dan kini dirinya merubah nama tersebut menjadi The Blessed Madonna. Hal ini dilakukan setelah peristiwa protes ‘Black Lives Matter’ dan salah satu contohnya adalah Grammy Award yang tidak lagi menggunakan kata ‘Urban’ dalam salah satu kategorinya. Marea berpikir bahwa nama yang sempat dipakainya dan sudah melekat di kuping para penggemar, mengandung poin yang kontroversial dan dia memutuskan untuk merubah. Pernyataan ini ditulis di media sosialnya :


I have changed my name to The Blessed Madonna.

I have always been transparent about my faith because I felt a responsibility to be clear about who I was and who I was not. The name was a reflection of my family’s lifelong and profound Catholic devotion to a specific kind of European icon of the Virgin Mary which is dark in hue. People who shared that devotion loved the name, but in retrospect I should have listened harder to other perspectives.

But now I hear loud and clear. My artist name has been a point of controversy, confusion, pain and frustration that distracts from things that are a thousand times more important than any single word in that name. We’re living in extraordinary times and this is a very small part of a much bigger conversation, but we all have a responsibility to try and affect positive change in any way we can. I want you to be able to feel confident in the person I am and what I stand for.

Thank you for listening. Stay blessed.

-Love Marea

PS: If you read this far, arrest the cops that murdered Breonna Taylor in my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky: Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, Myles Cosgrove.

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