Lagu Terbaru dari Rich Brian yang Berjudul "Bali"

Rich Brian, penyanyi rapper international asal Indonesia ini kembali meluncurkan lagu terbarunya yang berjudul "Bali". Dalam lagu ini, Brian kolaborasi dengan rapper lainnya yaitu Guapdad 4000.

"With the whole "Bali" metaphor -- Bali is an island in Indonesia, it's a very touristy area and very beautiful -- people go there to experience nature, surfing, night life, just paradise for a few days. Every time I've gone there it's been a lot of fun. Not every song has to have a super-deep meaning, but with every song I'm trying to let people get to know me. Even if this is a really feel-good song, you listen to it and you're getting to know who I am", kata Brian mengenai lagu ini. #VelvetNews #VelvetMusic #richbrian #bali #indonesia #indonesiansinger #indonesianrapper #rapperindonesia #baliindonesia #traveltobali #holidaytobali #holiday #rapper #chineserapper #asianrapper

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